Possible increased risk of Skin Cancer for roofers

According to new research, roofers’ desire for a suntan in the summer could put them at risk from skin cancer.

Researchers from The Institute of Occupational medicine in Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University measured UV exposure for UK construction workers.

The study, which was funded by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), used wearable electronic sensors on individual workers. The results showed that during the summer months many workers deliberately expose themselves to UV radiation to gain a suntan, thus increasing their risk of skin cancer, particularly the non-melanoma type. For all your roof tile repairs in Oxford call the roof doctor on 01865 841664.

The world’s first bat-friendly breathable membrane has been launched by TLX Insulation.

Up until now, only Bitumen IF felt underlay has been used if bats have been found habitating roofs. Bats play such an important part in the ecosystem and are a protected species in the UK. This becomes a considerable cost as extra rafter space is needed if insulation is used, and in old buildings this is not often an option. 10 tonnes of CO2 per year can be released through the fabric of an uninsulated IF felt roof.

Emissions of CO2 can be reduced by 57% by replacing IF felt with a breathable membrane as well as extra insulation between rafters. These changes help the environment by making a large impact on global warming and climate change.

It was extremely important that a product be invented to protect bats as well as allowing architects and builders to refurbish properties whilst keeping within the required Building Regulations.

TLX Insulation, who are the UK’s leading expert in applied polymer science as well as insulating breather membranes, invented TLX Batsafe. This has a protective mesh which allows safe contact for bats, as bats were previously trapped by their claws in the fibres. The protective mesh enables the breathable membrane to function, protecting the bats at the same time. TLX Batsafe is also much stronger, lighter and easier to install.

Roofers working on the shark house in Headington

Roofers have been spotted in Headington working on the infamous Shark House.

The roofers have assured the public they will not be taking down the shark but are instead are fixing the roof surrounding the shark which has been leaking in to the house below.

The giant sculpture sits in a large tray and work was needed to install more slates to make it watertight.

Len Stevens, the owner of Admiral Roofing said “It’s certainly one of the more unusual jobs I’ve done recently.”

Although you may not have a giant shark sculpture on your roof, if you are looking for quality roof repairs in Oxford, get in touch with the Roof Doctor today.

Modern vs Traditional Roof Repair

Marley Eternit have been working with roofing companies that specialise in clay tiles to meet current planning regulations for fixing roof tiles. The company has developed a range of options for roofers working in conservation areas and on older properties where it is important to use traditional methods to repair or replace a roof.

If you have an older property you may need the expertise of a roofing company that is competent and proficient in the care of these special properties.

Roof Doctor Oxford have over 40 years experience working on these types of buildings throughout Oxford.

Reducing the Risk of Chimney Fires

Hampshire fire and rescue service have recently put together a checklist of tips to help prevent chimney fires in the home. Here are some top tips to take from the list:

  • Sweeping the chimney before use if you do not use it on a regular basis
  • Use sparkguards to prevent serious property fire
  • Ensure you use a fireguard in front of the fire at all times
  • Extinguish the fire before leaving the house or going to bed
  • Never use petrol or Paraffin to light your fire

It is also recommended that your chimney is cleaned up to three times a year dependent on the type of fuel used.

If you are worried about a chimney in your home, contact the Roof Doctor to speak to the experts in chimney repairs.

Poor March weather

This winter has been particularly challenging with very strong winds, prolonged heavy rain and now the arrival of the Beast from the East bringing Siberian weather conditions to our shores.

Snow, ice, high winds and driving rain can cause havoc to your roof, damaging your chimney, making tiles slip or crack and allowing water to find its way into your home.

Each year at least 100 people are killed and hundreds more are severely injured from accidents involving falls from roofs. The majority have been trying to fix a leaking roof their self instead to calling for professional help.

One slip is all it takes to change someone’s life forever, don’t take a chance always call your local professional roofing company to repair your roof. For all your Roof repairs in Oxford call the Roof Doctor.

Asbestos removal

Absestos was first discovered thousands of years ago when people realised that it had amazing insulating properties when added to the clay used for making their pots. Gradually over time more and more applications were discovered and in the late 19th century and early 20th century large scale mining began to take advantage of this versatile material.

As a result asbestos was incorporated into many different building materials and products that needed insulation, but concerns were already being raised about its impact on health even before mass production started.

Houses built before 1999 may contain building materials containing asbestos, particularly insulation and roofing materials, so it is essential that when undertaking repairs or renovations on your property you choose an experienced and skilled tradesperson who will follow all the correct procedures for removal and disposal of any asbestos found.

Asbestos if contained does not represent a threat to health, the problems arise when the material is damaged, broken, torn or cut. This allows the tiny fibres to escape into the air, these can then be breathed in which can lead to chronic lung disease. It is a fact that the biggest danger construction workers face is that posed by asbestos removal.

Asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999, although other countries had taken action earlier and a worldwide ban was introduced in 2003. For more information on asbestos removal and Flat roof repairs in Oxford .

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